Getting to Bristol

Getting to Bristol

You can find lots of information on travelling to Bristol on our maps and travel information page.

We recommend you travel by public transport as parking near the University is extremely limited. If you need to drive, you can find details of park and ride services and car parking at How to get here.

For veterinary offer holders, there will be a free shuttle bus running between the Clifton and Langford campuses. You will be able to book a spot on the bus when you register to attend.

Access requirements

If you or any of your guests have access requirements, please let us know before you arrive by emailing

The University has teamed up with DisabledGo to provide detailed information about the accessibility of our facilities.


Please be advised that due to health and safety risk we are unable to store your luggage. The Bristol Tourist Information Centre offers luggage storage for £5.

The city of Bristol

If you wish to extend your stay in Bristol, discover more about the city.


If you have any questions about your visit day, please contact us:

Travel bursary

You may be eligible for a travel bursary if your household income is £42,875 or below, or if you have received a contextual offer.

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