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Visit our updates page for the latest info on our facilities and programmes.

Our online portal allows you to sign up for a membership, make bookings, and manage your account with us online.

Through this service, you can:

[Currently available]

  • Book one-hour sessions at the Gym (currently max. 1 session per day).
  • Book swimming sessions (currently max. 1 session per day).
  • Book indoor and outdoor tennis courts at Coombe Dingle.
  • Book tennis lessons and courses.
  • View and book Fitness Classes which take place at the Indoor Sports Centre (find us).
  • View and book B:Active Campus (UoB students only) classes.
  • Add yourself to waiting lists for full classes. Please note: you’ll be enrolled automatically if a place becomes available, so please remember to cancel if you can no longer attend.
  • See availability at all our facilities in real time, so you can make or cancel a booking at any time of the day or night.
  • Book sessions in the Indoor Sports Hall (such as Badminton, Basketball, etc.).
  • Upgrade or renew your membership.

[Currently unavailable]

  • Book swimming lessons and courses.
  • If you have children enrolled on a swimming course, you will be able to track their progress online against ASA criteria.
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