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SYNTHETIC | An exploration of synthetic biology through art

Artist & researcher Katy Connor alongside one of her works in the series: reimag(in)ing life at a cellular scale. University of Bristol

A study of mitochondria under the microscope by artist Imogen Coulter. University of Bristol

One of the vibrant works by artist and science illustrator Claudia Stocker. University of Bristol

Press release issued: 11 September 2017

The University of Bristol is hosting an exhibition of the work of four artists as part of BrisSynBio's annual synthetic biology conference.

SYNTHETIC | An exploration of synthetic biology through art is an exhibition of the work of four artists  - Katy Connor (pictured), Imogen Coulter, Claudia Stocker and Theo Wood. The artists have used various media to produce their own visual interpretations of some of the key challenges, concepts and themes associated with synthetic biology.

The exhibition is part of the 2017 BrisSynBio annual conference which takes place on the 11 and 12 September at the University of Bristol’s School of Chemistry.

The conference will close with a wine reception where people are encouraged to explore the various works in the exhibition. This will take place in the postgraduate’s coffee lounge in the School of Chemistry on Tuesday 12th September at 5.15 - 7 pm. The event is open to all.

Further information

BrisSynBio is a multi-disciplinary research centre that focuses on the biomolecular design and engineering aspects of synthetic biology, and is one of six Synthetic Biology Research Centres in the UK.

It is part of the Bristol BioDesign Institute, one of the University of Bristol's seven Specialist Research Institutes

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