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University of Bristol team showcase pioneering work at national quantum event

Alasdair Price, Henry Semenenko and Richard Collins

Javier Sabines-Chesterking, Alex McMillan and Sabine Wollmann with a live quantum demonstration

Emilio Hugues-Salas and Foteini Ntavou

Press release issued: 23 November 2017

A team from the University of Bristol has been taking part in the 2017 National Quantum Technologies Showcase this week in London.

The event demonstrates progress in quantum technologies arising from the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme (£270m UK Government investment over five years), aimed at accelerating the translation of quantum technologies into the marketplace.

The Showcase is considered a valuable opportunity to increase dialogue and cooperation across academia, industry and government, who are all working to secure a world-leading position for the UK in the emerging multi-billion-pound new quantum technology markets.

Bristol is a major partner in two of the existing hubs that make up the National Quantum Technologies Programme: the QuantiC hub in Quantum Enhanced Imaging, and the Quantum Communications Technology Hub.

Quantum technologies have a range of applications from secure banking to medical imaging and will revolutionise technology by making it faster, smaller and more secure.

Professor John Rarity, Director of the Quantum Engineering Technology Laboratory (QETLabs), said: “Bristol is a leading institution for quantum technologies and a national Showcase provides opportunity for us to demonstrate the value of quantum to industry and government and to highlight the range of solutions we can offer to the challenges of the future.”

The Showcase allowed researchers to demonstrate some of the revolutionary work in quantum technology that is led by Bristol.

Highlights this year included the University’s Quantum Imager capable of resolving ultralow contrast samples and the chip scale Quantum Random Number Generator with application in secure banking and communications.

In addition to demonstrations the Showcase included specialist sessions on grand challenges, business start-ups and skills for industry involving the experts from across the quantum technology community.

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Quantum Engineering Technology Labs (QETLabs)

The mission of QETLabs is to take quantum science discoveries out of the labs and engineer them into technologies for the benefit of society.  It brings together £50 million worth of activity that covers theoretical quantum physics through experiment, engineering and skills and training toward concept demonstrators of quantum technologies. Read more on our website:

Bristol Quantum Information Institute

Quantum information and its translation into technologies is one of the most exciting research activities in science and technology today. Long at the forefront of the growing worldwide activity in this area, the Bristol Quantum Information Institute crystallises our research across the entire spectrum, from theory to technology. With our expert cross-disciplinary team, including founders of the field, we have expertise in all major areas of theoretical quantum information science and in experiment. We foster partnerships with the private sector and provide superb teaching and training for the future generation of quantum scientists and engineers and the prototypes of tomorrow. Read more on our website:

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