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University supports refugees

Wills Memorial Tower

29 September 2015

The University of Bristol is developing five fully funded studentships for Syrian refugees.

This initiative forms part of the University’s commitment to working with the city, the Bristol students’ union, Bristol SU and other partners to welcome all refugees into the community.

University Vice-Chancellor Professor Hugh Brady said: 'These new studentships will complement our ongoing work with city partners to ensure that refugees arriving in Bristol are able to live comfortably and integrate successfully into society, and anticipate that our students will play a vital role through volunteering activities such as support with language and cultural integration'.

Wherever possible, the University will provide space and sanctuary for academics caught up in the conflict who wish to come and work here. Bristol is a City of Sanctuary and the University will play an active part in welcoming all refugees into the community.

Further information

For further information on the studentships, please contact:

Jane Fitzwalter, Student Funding Manager

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