• Buddhas and birdskins: exhibition explores Burma connection 9 September 2015 Burma (Myanmar) and its connection with Bristol is the focus of an online exhibition curated by Dr Jonathan Saha of the University of Bristol in collaboration with Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).
  • Open day welcomes 15,000 people to Bristol 9 September 2015 Over 15,000 visitors will be visiting the city on Saturday [12 September] for the University of Bristol’s final open day of the year. The event, aimed at future undergraduates, gives visitors an insight into university life and the chance to see for themselves all that the University and city have to offer.
  • Bristol collaborates with Keysight Technologies on 5G wireless technology research 8 September 2015 The University of Bristol announced today [Tuesday 8 September] it is collaborating with Keysight Technologies on 5G millimetre-wave research. The two organisations are already deeply involved in the 5G ecosystem in Europe and the US and now will be working closely together on multiple 5G millimetre-wave technologies.
  • Through the keyhole: take a peek inside Bristol’s best buildings 7 September 2015 Ever wondered what Bristol looks like from the top of one of its highest landmarks? The unrivalled view from the roof of the Wills Memorial Building tower is just one of the unique sights which visitors are invited to experience as part of the University of Bristol’s contribution to the popular Doors Open Day event this weekend.
  • Bristol seismologists join carbon capture research initiative 3 September 2015 Ways to improve monitoring of carbon capture and storage (CCS) sites are being investigated by three University of Bristol seismologists as part of a new international collaborative research initiative.
  • X-rays reveal fossil secrets 3 September 2015 A sophisticated imaging technique has allowed scientists to virtually peer inside a 10-million-year-old sea urchin, uncovering a treasure trove of hidden fossils.
  • Biodiversity buzzfeed: Which insects are the best pollinators? 2 September 2015 Bees top the charts for pollination success according to one of the first studies of insect functionality within pollination networks, published today by researchers at the University of Bristol and the University of St Andrews.
  • Ballooning platelets and the future of anti-thrombotic drugs 2 September 2015 Membrane ballooning in platelets during the blood-clotting process is driven by a coordinated system of salt and water entry which may be modified pharmacologically, a new study from the University of Bristol has found. The research could ultimately lead to the development of better ‘blood-thinning’ drugs for patients who experience complications with or are resistant to existing antiplatelet drugs such as aspirin.
  • Botanic Garden the place to bee this weekend 2 September 2015 Insect pollination is important for the production of many crops, including apples, strawberries and tomatoes, but these important insects are under threat from multiple pressures including loss of habitat, intensive farming, pesticides and disease. A festival this weekend aims to show how people can help the 1,500 species of insects, including bumblebees, honeybees, hoverflies, wasps, butterflies and moths that pollinate plants in the UK.
  • First imagery from echolocation reveals new signals for hunting bats 1 September 2015 The ability of some bats to spot motionless prey in the dark has baffled experts until now. By creating the first visual images from echolocation, researchers reveal we have been missing how bats sense their world.
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