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Jailbreak students ‘escape’ to Poland in charity challenge

Abbie Scott and Callum Bigs O’May in Poland

Press release issued: 27 March 2015

Fearless students hitchhiked all the way to Poland to win the latest Jailbreak charity challenge, which has raised over £9,500 for local charities. Abbie Scott and Callum Bigs O’May – going under the team name ‘Cab Fare’ – travelled an impressive 1,515.8km to Katowice, Poland, in 36 hours without spending any money.

It was part the Bristol RAG Jailbreak Challenge, organised by the University of Bristol’s Students’ Union, which saw 59 intrepid students compete to get as far away from Bristol as possible.

Abbie and Callum began their mission by flagging down a lift from Bristol to Dover, where they were then faced with other teams in fancy dress trying to get out of the country.

They said: “We struck absolute gold when Piotr, a Polish van driver, stopped at the port having gone in the wrong entrance. He was rather taken aback when we knocked on his window and asked where he was going, but he couldn’t resist our excitement when we found out he was driving all the way to Poland. Some 23 hours later, Piotr was officially part of ‘Cab Fare’ and was really invested in us winning.

“Our experience of Poland – and going through France and Germany en route - mainly consisted of grey roads and service stations, beef jerky and a brief trip to the police station because the van was too heavy. But it was all worth it when, one final lorry ride later with a man who spoke not a word of English, we reached Katowice and received the all-important text. It was a hugely fun, successful and exhausting weekend.”

Over £9,500 was raised for local charities over the weekend, including the Bristol RAG charity partners St Peter’s HospiceFoodCycle, LifeCycle and Bristol Drugs Project.

More information on the teams, how far they travelled and how to donate can be found on the Jailbreak website.

The Jailbreak record was set by Mary Spender and Emma Blott (Team Bieber) in March 2011, when they made it all the way to Perth, Australia.

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