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Bristol Law School yields two Academy of Social Sciences Fellows

18 March 2015

Two academics in the University of Bristol Law School are among 33 leading social scientists recently appointed as Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Martin Partington CBE QC (Hon), Emeritus Professor of Law, and Celia Wells OBE, Professor of Criminal Law, received their awards earlier this month.

Professor Partington is an eminent socio-legal scholar working in the field of housing law, welfare law and administrative justice and served as a Law Commissioner for England and Wales. Professor Wells is one of the UK’s foremost academic lawyers, with a particular interest in public policy.

Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences have a wide range of expertise in the social sciences, including management, sociology, psychology, politics, geography and law. Fellowship recipients have made a substantial contribution to wider social science in a variety of contexts, including in higher education, government and learned societies.

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