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Professor Steeds receives Gjønnes Medal

Professor John Steeds

Professor John Steeds

19 December 2013

Professor John Steeds in the School of Physics has been selected, together with Professor Michiyoshi Tanaka at Tohoku University in Japan, to receive the 2014 Gjønnes Medal.

Professor John Steeds in the School of Physics has been selected, together with Michiyoshi Tanaka, Emeritus Professor at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, to receive the 2014 Gjønnes Medal for their outstanding contributions to convergent-beam electron diffraction that revolutionised electron crystallography.

The work of Professor Steeds, Professor Tanaka and colleagues at Bristol and Sendai had a major impact on the subsequent design of transmission electron microscopes for application to studies of crystalline materials.

Transmission electron microscopes are used worldwide in research on materials and, in particular, in studying nanostructures. They are used in universities, industry, government research labs and medical research establishments, and are of importance to physics, chemistry, metallurgy, earth sciences and biological and medical sciences.

As part of the award, Professors Steeds and Tanaka will give the Gjønnes Medal Lectures at the next International Union of Crystallography Congress, in Montreal, Canada in August 2014.

Further information

The Gjønnes Medal in Electron Crystallography recognises an outstanding contribution to the field of electron crystallography. The award is accompanied by a certificate and funding to present an invited Keynote Lecture at the triennial International Congress of Crystallography. The award is named in honour of its first recipient, Professor Jon Gjønnes of the University of Oslo, who received the award at the XXI IUCr Congress in Osaka, in August 2008.

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