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Hidden wildlife uncovered in the heart of Bristol

Bertie Gregory Photography

Bertie Gregory Photography

Bertie Gregory Photography

Press release issued: 6 December 2013

Ever considered bird watching in the centre of Bristol? Or wondered which animals make their home in the city? A final year University of Bristol student has created a short film which shows the types of wildlife that can be found in British cities.

Bertie Gregory, who studies Zoology, filmed around various University of Bristol sites with fellow student Vanessa Shields, capturing wildlife in its city habitat.

The film ‘Wild in the City’ is part of their final year dissertation, which aims to gauge the level of wildlife knowledge in young people.

Bertie said: “Preliminary results have shown the level of knowledge to be very poor, so we are determining why this is the case and what we can do to increase it.”

“All second year biology and zoology students at the university are required to take a field course at the end of the year. I chose the public engagement field course which really opened my eyes to ways you can sell science to the general public. This is a rapidly growing field as the competition for government funded research increases. The use of visual media (photography and video) and social media are crucial tools in attracting attention.”

As well as filmmaking, Bertie is also a keen wildlife photographer, and is involved in the 2020VISION project as one of 20 young UK photographers.  The project aims to highlight the link between nature and human wellbeing, inspiring all ages and backgrounds.

You can watch Bertie’s film at this link or view more of his photography on his website, Facebook page, or follow him on Twitter @BertieGPhoto.

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