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Uncaged Monkeys at the Colston Hall

Professor Bruce Hood

Professor Bruce Hood

12 May 2011

Professor Bruce Hood of Bristol’s School of Experimental Psychology will be joining some of the finest names in science broadcasting on stage at the Colston Hall tonight for the latest sold out date in the nationwide science tour, Uncaged Monkeys.

The show, hosted by Robin Ince, co-presenter of Radio 4’s Infinite Monkey Cage, features Professor Brian Cox , writer and presenter of the BBC TV series, Wonders of the Solar System, Simon Singh, author of the best-selling book Fermat’s Last Theorem, and Dr Ben Goldacre, author of The Guardian’s Bad Science column.

Mixing live presentations and fabulous projections of the phenomenal, Uncaged Monkeys celebrates the universe and many of the wonders within it from dark matter to black holes, Bonobo apes to the Big Bang.

Professor Hood, Director of the Bristol Cognitive Development Centre and author of SuperSense: From Superstition to Religion - the Brain Science of Belief, will talk about brain development and the mind.

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