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Vic Jobbins 1935-2008

2 December 2008

Vic Jobbins, retired Senior Engineer in Site Services, died suddenly in September. Liz Lynch, Site Services Manager, remembers a man who 'lived his life to the absolute full and loved every minute of it'.

When I started work at the University some 14 years ago, Vic Jobbins had already retired, but I soon got to know Vic through his regular return visits and his involvement with the Social Club, which until recent years was based at 1/9 Old Park Hill. 

Vic started working at the University in 1951 at the age of 16; he left for a short while to complete his National Service but was soon back and climbing the ladder in Building Services, finally reaching the status of Senior Engineer.

He retired early, in 1993, after completing a very impressive 42 years of service.

Everyone knew Vic; he was a larger-than-life character (in body and soul) and was one of those people who knew everything and everybody.

He was a very keen fan of rugby and cricket and was a regular visitor to both the Memorial Ground (for the rugby) and the County Ground (for the cricket). He also followed the Lions tours all over the world.

You name a club and Vic was in it, or involved in some way, including the Staff Social Club at the University. Vic had a very active social life and a huge circle of friends and associates; he lived his life to the absolute full and loved every minute of it. He was a devoted father, grandfather and friend and cherished the time he spent with his family and friends.

Vic died suddenly at the age of 73. His funeral was testament to the esteem he was held in, with literally coachloads of people wishing to pay their respects.

Vic will be sadly missed by all who knew him or worked with him.


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