Digital Education

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Start of term

Useful links for starting the academic year, with information about pre-recording lectures, live sessions, organising your course, available tools, collaboration and assessment.

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Digitally Ready

From the 28th September, all students will be asked to complete the Digitally Ready course, produced by the DEO. Its aims is to support students to equip themselves with the tools and competencies needed to confidently start their online studies at Bristol. See a summary of the course and its aims.  To explore the course in detail, you can self-enrol as a student.

A laptop showing the Digital Design course on Blackboard.

Free for Commercial use on pikrepo:

Digital Design Course

An online course to provide you with the digital design skills and knowledge to plan learning, assessment, units and programmes for flexible delivery next year.

Self-enroll to participate in this self-study version of the course.

Join us for a webinar or drop-in

We are running regular webinars and online sessions. Get yourself a coffee and come and join us online. Details on our events page.

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Teaching online guidance

Advice and technical guides to support you in moving teaching online.

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Digital Education