Research and partnerships

We collaborate with many different organisations to help them innovate and solve challenges. We also work with a variety of funding organisations and programmes that can enable partnerships to start with small projects and then expand as the activity develops.

Keeping greenbottles at bay

Providing zoological expertise for improved animal pharmaceuticals.

Collaborate on a research project

See the range of potential collaborative partnerships, from PhD projects through to long-term partnerships.

Form a strategic partnership

Identify areas of strategic alignment, fund researchers, academics and courses, and find mutually beneficial ways of working in partnership with us

Secure funding to work with us

Find out about the wide range of funders and funding opportunities.

Second a researcher

You may benefit from embedding a university researcher in your team for a defined period, or placing a team member in a university research group.

Mentor, advise or coach

Offer mentorship, advice or coaching to Bristol’s undergraduates or entrepreneurs, and raise your profile at the same time.

Invest in a company linked to the University

The university actively supports the creation of new companies based on our research. You may wish to support this process.

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